Mailing to "bugzilla" will be piped through a script which examines your message, stripping out control lines, and passing the rest of the message in as the description of a new bug. The control lines look like:

        LABEL           Legal Values
        Priority        critical major normal minor trivial
        Type            BUG RFE
        Product         Cheddar
        Platform        PC X-Windows Macintosh All
        Area            CODE JAVA TEST BUILD UI PERF
        Version version 2.0b1 2.0b2 2.0b2 2.0b4 2.1a0 2.1a1 2.1b0 2.1b1 2.1b2
        OS              Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Windows NT System 7 System 7.5
                        AIX BSDI HP-UX IRIX Linux OSF/1 Solaris SunOS other
        Summary         -anything-
        URL             -anything-
        Assign          someone in eng


        This tells the bug parse to stop looking for control lines,
        allowing the bug description to contain lines which start with @
There are default values for all these fields. If you don't specify a Summary, the subject of the mail message is used.

If you specify an illegal value, the default value is used, the bug is assigned to you, and the answerback message will describe the error.

After the bug is posted, you will get mail verifying the posting and informing you of the bug number if you wish to fix any mistakes made by the auto-processor.


    % Mail bugzilla
    Subject: WinFE crashes with GPF when I pour beer on my keyboard
    @priority critical
    @platform PC
    @assign troy

    After the beer bash I emptied the rest of the keg onto my keyboard
    and my sharp build of Navigator got a GPF.