SquawkBox 3 User Manual
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Uninstalling SquawkBox

To uninstall SquawkBox, select Uninstall SquawkBox from the SquawkBox program menu. Or you can open the Windows Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. Select SquawkBox from the list. You will be asked to confirm the operation. Before you proceed you should ensure that neither SquawkBox nor Microsoft Flight Simulator are running. The uninstaller will run and report any problems that occurred with the uninstall. If some parts of the application are left behind, reboot your computer to remove the last parts of the application.

It is important to realize that the uninstaller will remove directories created when SquawkBox was installed in their entirety. So if you have placed files in those directories you should move them to another location before uninstalling. For example if you placed saved flight plan files a subdirectory below C:\Program Files\SquawkBox3\, they will get deleted.

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