SquawkBox 3 User Manual
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Tuning the Radio

Using your COM radio in SquawkBox is very simple. To tune to a particular frequency, simply tune your COM1 or COM2 radio in Microsoft Flight Simulator. SquawkBox will notice that the frequency has changed and will indicate this on the status bar of the main SquawkBox window.

When tuned to a particular frequency you will see all in-range text transmissions on that frequency. When you type text in the text entry area of the SquawkBox window it will be sent as a text transmission on the current transmission frequency. The radio stacks in Flight Simulator allow you to tune up to two frequencies simultaneously, but you can only transmit on one at a time. SquawkBox follows the same convention.

If there are voice channels associated with air traffic controllers on a frequency you have tuned, SquawkBox will join the voice channel automatically. Whether a particular frequency is on voice is also indicated on the status bar of the main SquawkBox window. For more information read Communicating with Voice.

There are several dot commands that can be used to control your Flight Simulator radio frequencies. To tune COM1 or COM2 to a particular frequency, enter .com1 <frequency> or .com2 <frequency>. To change the channel that is used for transmission, enter .com 1 or .com 2. To toggle the Both button on the Flight Simulator radio stack, enter .com both. The Both button toggles whether the non-transmitting radio is turned on.

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