SquawkBox 3 User Manual
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Using the Transponder

Transponders in Microsoft Flight Simulator radio stacks allow you to set a squawk code but do not allow you to control the squawk mode or to perform an ident. SquawkBox provides this functionality. To set your squawk code simply use the radio stack in Flight Simulator. SquawkBox will use this value when communicating your squawk code to air traffic control.

To set squawk mode and squawk ident, click the SquawkBox Start button and then select the items in the Transponder menu.

The Transponder Menu

To change squawk mode, select Squawk Mode C or Squawk Standby. When in squawk mode C, you can also choose to Squawk Ident. The last item in the Transponder menu toggles whether the SquawkBox Transponder panel displays in Flight Simulator.

The Transponder Panel

You can click on this panel to change squawk mode or to squawk ident. There is no difference between performing these operations via the SquawkBox menu or doing them with the transponder panel. Furthermore, third party aircraft panel designers can use the SquawkBox SDK to provide their own transponder panels that will work with SquawkBox.

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