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Known Issues

This is a list of the known issues in the current release of SquawkBox. Please do not report these problems as bugs. The complete list of bugs can always be examined on the bug page.

  1. FSNavigator cannot join multiplayer session in Flight Simulator 2002 (bug 257)
    FSNavigator can join your multiplayer session to display information about planes in your session. For some reason the connection is not successful when using SquawkBox with Flight Simulator 2002. There is no error displayed by FSNavigator when the connection is attempted.

  2. Module version of SquawkBox blocks Flight Simulator when opening menus and dialogs (bug 272)
    Since the module version of SquawkBox is running in the same process as Flight Simulator, opening user interface elements causes Flight Simulator to pause. The Flight Plan and Change Aircraft dialogs are exceptions to this. If this presents a problem, consider running the external version of SquawkBox.

  3. Groundspeed is reported as zero on all multiplayer aircraft
    If you monitor the planes in your multiplayer session with other applications like FSNavigator or TCAS gauges, the groundspeed of the planes will always be zero. This is a known side effect of the method SquawkBox uses to interpolate the positions of the aircraft.

  4. You may get disconnected from VATSIM occasionally
    If you perform operations in Flight Simulator that block SquawkBox from getting any processing time, you may be forcibly disconnected from the VATSIM network. This is because SquawkBox is not able to respond to requests from the server about its status as approved software.

  5. Slight aircraft jittering may occur in the southern hemisphere or below sea level (bug 526)
    If another aircraft is moving in the southern hemisphere or below sea level, you may see slight jittering in the north-south position of the plane.

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